The last goodbye, (feature) directed by Milica Tomovic.

Madly in love couple, Boris and Bojana spend their days in Belgrade, carefree, not thinking about tomorrow. Honeymoon period is over, when Boris gets a job offer in Berlin. Torn apart between desires and need they fight for survival of their relationship.

Supported by Film Center Serbia.

Usud, (feature) directed by Stefan Malesevic.

In a Slavic pagan village two brothers inherit a farm they live on from their father. Just like before father’s death the younger brother keeps doing all of the work until one day he confronts his brother with the decision to split the property. The older brother suggests that the split isn’t necessary because they never fight, the younger brother takes care of the farm and controls everything anyhow, but the younger one insists on defining the shares. After splitting the inherited farm they lived on, everything goes downhill for one of two brothers. He sets out to search for answers.

Developed through Mediterranean Film Institute.

Black Dog, (feature) directed by Ivan Bukvic.

An old coach with criminal ties, Sava, lives alone and is feared by many. One day he finds a stubborn pit-bull puppy on the street. A strong bond is formed between them and Sava discovers that he has more to offer to the world. As his final trial Sava decides to leave his criminal life behind, but for that he pays a heavy price. The dog ends up alone and on the streets again. Another man, Mihailo, finds him and takes him home to his family. The man of the house is training the friendly dog for dog fights.

Supported by SEE Cinema Network.


Mamonga, (feture) directed by Stefan Malesevic.

The film is placed in present time in a small Bosnian city on the main road. During the post-war general urbanization the area lost all the positive characteristics of the country-side and gained all the negative aspects of life in a city. The story revolves around two main characters coming from two very different families.

Supported by BH Film Fund.

Transition, (short) directed by Milica Tomovic.

Jana says goodbye to her band members, friends, ex-girlfriend and her family. They all share a feeling of regret saying goodbye to her, but also joy for her bright future in Germany, where she’s going on post graduate studies. Only her sister knows a secret, that Jana is not going away to study, Jana is going away to have her sex change. These are her two days to say goodbye to her life.

Supported by Film Center Serbia.


The Black Pin, (minority co-production, feature) directed by Ivan Marinovic .

Peter, a misanthropic orthodox priest returns to his idyllic Montenegrin peninsula to nurse his demented mother. He quickly gets into a conflict with superstitious villagers who will seek creative ways to chase him away.

Supported by Ministry of culture of Montenegro, Film Center Serbia and Jerusalem International Film Lab.